Continuous Follow Up But Still No Concrete Solution

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I have complained regarding UPS on 20th aug. And was assured that my complain will resolve by 7 pm next day but no call nothing. Suddenly in the evening of 22nd I got call but I was not in Delhi which I very well informed your customer care over phone before hand. I requested the person to visit on Sunday which he denied, I negotiated for Monday and still requested to inform me before coming as I am working and nobody is behind home. Monday I received a call from your customer care that I have denied the person to visit, yes they are very busy except the customers, I told categorically that the person is lying ask him to visit. Again in the afternoon I got call that they have come inspite of my request to inform me at least 2 hr before visit so that I can manage but no. Same evening I received a message that my query has been solved, what a lie, you give me a number to share with the person who visit me, without getting that number also my query has been solved how to fool customers. New request has been generated, again I requested on Monday to your people to send someone he promised 12-1pm till now when I am writing at3:21pm no one turned up called your customer care I forgot the number of times I have done it, the reply is sit at home if you want to get it corrected. Fantastic customer care. Please advice where should I go with my complain they are just playing with customers needs and enjoying making fool of us. Complain made on 20th MJB 752987 got a msg on 23 my query solved by Mr.Iqbal who is this I don’t know. New code generated MJB 762189 this also got resolved by Mr Satish all just gave me a call and to everyone I spoke requested them to inform before they came but mere talking on phone they reported as problem solved. Now new code generated on 25 th MJB771227 waiting who is going to resolve it. So single customer so many codes generated but work is still pending and how rude people at customer care talk, please anyone who is heading the team please do something.

Continuous Follow Up But Still No Concrete Solution
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