corruption by Railway Officials

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just see two railway officials 20 crores in cash was got just imagine how much black money will police politician government officials etc will be having one ias couple had 300 crores just imagine in madhyapradesh and in same mp we have peon having10 crores clerk having 20 crores this is happening in mp now look at a joke in UP where some yadav having said to be 1000 crores and state government opposing investigation by cbi from high court order and u channels had a cup of tea on it and left it just imagine how much one talathi or tehsildar may be having please have sting operation on it and one big joke on aadhar card it is said our privacy is at stake how i dont know yes if u have ample black money than there will be very less space for u to hide only that privacy may be at stake so those opposing must be investigated u know there was a case where a big lawyer use to take land from farmers as his fees no record to IT so aadhar card no. is harmful for this people really joking is u media had no serious talk on it after all this will not increase ur trp and ur sponsors may run away how much to write useless talk on corruption everybody is involved

corruption by Railway Officials
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