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Outsourcing of Services in DSS causes loss of several crores to Administration
Andaman Sheekha(local newspaper)
Staff Correspondent
Port Blair, Mar 23: Out sourcing of services in any Ministry or Department in India is done as per GFR 2005 rules, which clearly states in rule no 178, that outsourcing of services to be done in the interest of economy and efficiency. But sadly in Andaman’s Shipping Department outsourcing is neither economically beneficial nor yielding efficiency.
The Lt. Governor of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, with his sincere efforts has saved crores of public money without disturbing normal life in Andaman, a recent example of curtailment in the expenditure during Island tourism festival, where nearly 3 crores have been saved, shows the maturity and dedication of our LG towards the nation and care for the public money.
But some kind of fishy deals in some departments is causing excessive wastage of tax payers’ money. Sadly some private groups are earning crores of easy money and officials of the concerned departments are allegedly helping them directly or indirectly.
In Directorate of Shipping Services the decision for outsourcing officer’s service was taken due to the non availability of local officers. As a result of which administration had paid huge amount of money to manning agent. According to a rough estimate as compared to market price, the DSS has paid several crores (nearly Rs. 15 crores) in excess to pay to the officers.
According to a rough estimate and documents available here atleast 80 percent of local officers are easily available in Andaman and if the DSS would have appointed them directly then the Administration could have easily saved crores of Rupees.
Now the present contract with the manning agent is completing on 31.03.2014. This manning agent is supplying the manpower from last three financial years but no concrete step was taken by DSS to end the contract before 31st of March 2014.
Now DSS had extended the present contract with the same manning agent for 3 more months, which clearly shows the irresponsibility of the directorate towards the nation in terms of saving public money.
At present the engagement of officers had been left as prerogative of the Private Company, ABS Marine Service Pvt Ltd.) which operates most of the foreshore and inter Island vessels in the Islands. This arrangement is not benefitting the locally available officers.
Hence to secure opportunity of employment a change in clause in the engagement of NWKO-NCV grade officers needs to be done and an additional directives need to be incorporated to follow a roaster system for engaging maximum preference of eligible officers from among the candidates who have undergone courses in local government Institution (DBRAIT), Port Blair and who have obtained on board training locally on behalf of Andaman and Nicobar Administration. This would be only way to secure opportunity of employment for locally available eligible candidates or else the mainland based candidates will take over local opportunities thus island candidates to starve.
The DSS usually says that it is not in a position to frame and maintain officer roster NWKO(NCV). If the probable reason is the lack of funds then one must think that if the directorate can release huge amount of money to some private manning agency for out sourcing of officers, why can’t the directorate form a roster and manage the same amount in a more appropriate manner. Further these private manning agencies pays a very little to the officers and retains a major amount as their commission.
For example the Administration is paying Rs. 1,75,000 for engaging NWKO with GMDSS endorsements (1st year engagement) but the company pays only Rs. 80,000 to the officers. Please refer Annexure –I for more details about manning commission.
M/s ABS Marine Services got profit of minimum amount Rs. 4,63,000 per month per vessel and on taking account of all 17 numbers of vessels Rs. 78,71,000 per month and grant total minimum amount of Rs. 9,44,52,000 per annum excluding manning commission.
The calculation appears very complex but one thing is crystal clear that the manning agency is getting good commission on every person and it is just paying very less salary to officers.
Good share of the money which is released for employees is actually gobbled up by the manning agent.
Not only this Andaman Sheekha has evidence to prove that the manning agents have also enrolled, employed and paid money to unqualified officers in Andaman run vessels and hence risked life of all passengers. News regarding this particular case will be published soon.
Hence the Administration must take a policy decision to employ local officers via DSS and if after that any vacancy remains the manning agents must be requested to supply officers. In that way the Administration will be able to save crores of hard earned tax-payers’ money.

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corruption in Andaman
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