Corruption in UPSC direct recruitment

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To Date 28 June 2015
Honorable Prime Minister Of India
152 South Block, Raisina Hill
New Delhi- 110011

Sub : Corruption in UPSC direct recruitment


First I would like to congratulate your government for successfully completion of one your. The way your government doing for the welfare of country I must appreciate. The way your government fighting against corruption inspired me to raised my voice against corruption going in the direct recruitment process in one of the most reputed place of our country i.e Union Public Service Commission.

I had heard from many of my Delhi friends that now in UPSC also there is fixation going in direct interview for the selection of candidate but I realized this in December 2012 during selection of Assistant professor in Hindi in NDA.
I am going to describe all in details.

1. I have been working in National Defence Academy as Assistant Professor (Adhoc) in Hindi dept with Ph.d and SET qualification and many award and publications.I would like to draw your attention regarding corruption in UPSC selection process for direct recruitment in Assistant Professor/ Associate Professor and Professor vacancy in National Defence Academy , Khadakwasla , Pune. As per UPSC advt. no 5/2012.

2. UPSC follows UGC guidelines for qualification in recruiting Assistant Professor/ Associate Professor and Professor post but unlike UGC open selection process criteria which all universities and college follow, UPSC selection process is totally hidden. There is no transparency how they select a suitable candidates. Their short listing and selection process of candidates are totally hidden so that no one can question what rule they have followed for short listing candidates for interview and selecting candidates which could be explain as below:

3. Unlike universities and colleges UPSC doesn’t shows online short listed candidates merits list for interview which university and colleges shows online . There is no break up marks given for qualification , experience, publications, interview etc. When asked through RTI they said they give all marks together there is no break up. That’s why they can easily select their own candidate which is done in UPSC advt no 5/2012 for selecting Assistant Professor Post.

4. In selection panel members out of four, three were from Delhi( one JNU ex professor, Jamia Milia professor and One Aligarh professor and UPSC members were there. As a result they have selected their own students and Delhi based candidates .They selected zero experience with less research paper publications candidates in open category by taking his interview first and given him 81 marks and a candidate who have been working in the same institutes with more than 12yrs with all qualification and more publications than zero experience candidates got 55 marks and kept in fifth position even after given best interview. Because no known person in interview panels. Other experience candidates got 65 marks. So zero experience candidate got 81marks due to close contact with one of the UPSC members Prof. Purushottam Agarwal . And also benefit of his JNU M.A Professor (Prof Vimal) and Jamia Milia Islamia M.Phil guide professor (Durga Prasad Gupt) in the panel.UPSC member retired Maj Gen Nirbhay Shingh was chairman for interview panel, who was not subject expert but he has given marks in consultation with selection committee ( as RTI reply by UPSC).

5. Most of the candidate who got interview call was from JNU. Selected candidates from all categories were from JNU even reserve panel consist mostly JNU candidates. Candidates selection were fixed before interview only with influence of one JNU Ex professor Prushottam Agarwal ( Indirect influence- selected his closely related candidate Dr Anand Kumar Pandey for Open Category and Dr Ramanand prasand for SC son of JNU Assistant registrar and Ms Kingson singh Patel selected for OBC also from JNU). Lt General Nirbhay Sharma (Now Mizoram Governor), Jamia Milia Islamia HOD Hindi Dept Professor Durgaprasad Gupt (Selected Candidate Dr Anand Pandey M.phil Guide) and Ex JNU Professor Vimal, These all were in interview panel.

6. Not only in Open category even in OBC and SC category for Assistant Professor Hindi in NDA they have selected Candidates from JNU. Like in SC category they have selected a second class zero experience candidate Dr Ramanand Prasad because his father was Assistant registrar of JNU though there were many distinction more qualified and experienced candidates.

7. I had already written many letters during Congress government but no action has been taken because the candidate Dr Anand Kumar Pandey who selected for open category Assistant professor in Hindi was active youth member of Congress party.

8. Now I am 43 yrs old and not eligible to get any govt. job because of overage. All OBC selected candidates rejected to join. There is still vacancy in OBC category. I got 55 marks in Open category more than OBC and SC selected candidates. I appeared for interview in open category because that time I was not having my OBC certificate. But Now I am having

9. I would request you to please make CBI inquiry for UPSC advt no. 5/2012 for Assistant professor Hindi in all three category and if UPSC corruption exposed than please absorb me in OBC category as I have been serving this academy from July 2001continuously with SET and Ph.d Qualification and many publication and also got 55 marks in the interview.

Hope to get Justice..

Thank you. Yours Faithfully

Dr (Mrs) Tarannum Bano
Assistant Prof.(Adhoc)
Hindi Dept, Khadakwasla
Mob- 9960524933

Corruption in UPSC direct recruitment
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