cow slaughter

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if in a state there is ban on cow slaughter and its trafficking then how this things happen simple police and politicians are involved now the truck that passed through so many states what were border check post doing naturally collecting hafta now where is this black money going everybody knows fighting on channels i have one question why cant u obey the laws now incidently a muslim noman was involved and died in mob violence he had previous cases on him other three were also muslims now who is not following law i will answer dadri incident totally wrong must act and jailed all those involved so called hindus no bias but if cow is so sacred and there is communal tension because of it than why do this taskari and all parties support such things for votes now tell me how many cows have been caught by ur existing law so answer u got again judiciary police investigation is basically responsible for all this politicians are rotten nobody talks of illgotten wealth police etc corruption prevails and if such things dont happen than how politics will be done and channels survive

cow slaughter
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