crop damage compensation

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This mail actually belongs to Revenue and disaster management ministry but their email id wasn’t available i.e. Capt. Abhimanyu Sir.

Hi, This is Harinder Singh and I am writing this on behalf of my Father Sh. Bhag Singh V and P.O. Naneola, Distt Ambala Pin code 134012, who own’s less than 5 acres land,
Mr. Aseem Goyal hails from same village Naneola and he is our MLA now(but he is not helpful)

I would like to brought this in your attention that crop damage compensation which was provided to farmers of our village didn’t include my father and alot of more farmers why is this biased behavior as our corps were also damaged and compensation was paid to our neighboring farmers why didn’t they included us. We are really small farmer’s don’t have huge land we didn’t get any compensation benefit but those who owns 20 acres big farmers are being benefited.

If you can be any help I would be delighted.

Harinder Singh

crop damage compensation
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