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My Name is Ramdev Tiwadi and I am one of the most unhappy customer of yours, who made a purchase on flipkart by using my credit card.
I made the purchase (Order number: OD202826386938423000 Ref. Id: 150530-039588) on your website and cancelled the product as I didn’t receive it on time. I called up the Customer service and I placed a request for the cancellation. I was told by the representative that I will get a phone call and I need to inform them as well and in the mean while she will place a request for cancellation and I will get the refund within 8 Business days. This happened on 17th of May 2015. After the procedure I did another follow up and again I was told by the representative that the money will be refunded within 8 business days. As I did not receive the refund I called up the customer service again and was on hold for almost for 1 hour and again I was told that the refund was initiated and it will take 8 business days. I clearly told the representative that I made the payment by using the credit card and I have to pay the bill by the 3rd of June or else I will have to pay late fees and finance charges if the refund was not done on time. I was given assurance by the representative and a guy from refund team, that I will have the money by 3rd of June 2015. Tough I didn’t have trust, I still believed as it is reputed company and its representatives will not make fake promises. To my surprise when I checked my account on 7th of June 2015, I didn’t have the refund of INR 8499 and I got hit with LF and FC and my account went delinquent. From 17th of May 2015 till 7th of June 2015 I spent 5 hours on phone and 2 representatives hung up on me and 3 fake promises were made to me.
Now My Question is

1 : Why there was delay to refund the money??
2 : Because of you I have LF and FC on the card, so who will pay the money.
3 : I want the reimbursement from you, as it is not my mistake.

My Biggest and only mistake was to make the payment before getting the product. As I did this mistake I had gone through “Content Harassments” (Hanging up phone calls while I was on line), “Misleading statements” (Fake promises made by 2 representatives of flipkart) and spent 5 hours on phone (was on hold and was on call). I have never come across such kind of pathetic service and I would never recommend flipkart to any of my friends and relatives. The worst and the most untrustworthy company to my knowledge. This is the impression and image which you have created for yourself in my mind.

Customer Compliant
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