Damaged product and non-usable product purchased from shopclues

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I have bought mi 5200 mAh powerbank from shopclues. The product box itself looks that it is third degree product. Still when I turn on the powerbank it is not even functioning properly. When I place it to charge it gets fully charged in just 5 min and doesnot even charge my phone that long. I request shopclues to return my money and take back this junk.
Its really cheating consumers through e-commerce. When I called the number from where the product was dispatched, they told “its a normal thing what happens. Do not disturb for such a silly complaint”.
The name of that retailer is BOMBAY VELVET FAB, 165, 5th street, rachna society, surat, gujarat. ph. 9510806226

Please try to stop this fraud. Its just a site that offers low price for a product than their competitors and gives a rubbish product.
Hope you may take right action and help me in getting my money back.
Thanking you in anticipation.

Damaged product and non-usable product purchased from shopclues
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