Danger lansliding fear in ecoregion in western ghat in sahyadri in Hardkhale,Tal-Lanja,

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Hello All,
Hardakhale is one of the beautiful village in konkan area situated at the base of sahyadri mountain .Till now, this village is looks like ideal village for any person. but from last 2 yrs. there was entry of one rubber manufacturing company which couses the village is now becomes in danger zone. A company has done thousands tones of tree cutting which was there in sahyadri mountain. A Company is cheated with local public and now captured more than 3000 acre of sahyadri lands in sahyadri mountain.
Actually this area is comes under ecoregion declared by government of India http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Western_Ghats but due to corrupted politicians and corrupted govt servant, no one is taking care of such ecological importance zone

I am resident of hardakhale village is writing this complaint so that ministry of enviorement and forest will look into it and take required action

A sources said that a big politicians from currently rolling government of maharashtra is also involved in this scam.

My request to Mr .Javdekar..Minister of enviorement and forest, Please look this issue. We are all resident from hardakhale village having fear that we might be victims of incident which was occurred in malin village in pune

I am requesting all TV channels reporter please help us to make our village free from this all dirty politicians scam..
we are ready to provide all necessary documents to open scam of this company

below is the news flashed in local news paper..

mY EMAIL ID – guravharsha@gmail.com

Haresh Gurav

Danger lansliding fear in ecoregion in western ghat in sahyadri in Hardkhale,Tal-Lanja,
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