deactivate my sim without any infomation

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Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a PR Head in an MNC JKV Pharma and have been using a Vodafone no. 9838562382 since 3 months. I am regularly paying mobile bill without any delay. However, yesterday the services of this Vodafone number has been stopped at 4 PM, without any prior information and valid reason.

Not only this, when I contacted Vodafone customer store at Farrukabad, I have’nt got any satisfactory answer and gave me some senior manager number named “Mr Ansari”, mobile no. 9839315231. I was really amazed to hear the unprofessional replies which I got from Mr Ansari for my problem.

According to Mr Ansari, this Vodafone number was earlier used by some person for 5 years and since he wanted his number again, therefore all of a sudden the number of mine was issued to him without any prior information and justification. I even told him that 9838562382 is my official number which is widely distributed among my clients and losing it means a great loss to me. So he offered me a new number which I doesn’t want.Then, he suggested me a stupid option, that he will recieve all my client calls and informed them about my new number.

I am completely upset and amazed with such an unprofessional behaviour of Vodafone senior executive. I am bearing the loss because of choosing Vodafone. please resolve my problem

deactivate my sim without any infomation
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