defect in car under warranty

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Hello Sir ,
i purchased a skoda rapid 7 months ago. There was some problem in my car from last 2 months . i gave my car to the skoda workshop .. Its been 45 days and they haven’t found the problem yet . And they provided me with a substitute car which was not in a condition to drive . I took the car anyhow but the car brokedown after 2 kms . The customer service is very poor . I even asked them to provide a cab to drop me home but they didn’t help me with that . I really want to know any solutions ..
If you could please help me with that ..

Thankyou sir

defect in car under warranty
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2 Responses to “defect in car under warranty”

  1. SKODA India

    Dear Mr. Dawar, we apologize for the inconvenience. Your concern has been noted. Kindly share your car registration number and contact details. Our service representatives will connect with you accordingly. Regards, SKODA India.

  2. SKODA India

    Dear Mr. Dawar, we are still awaiting your contact details. Please share the same so that we can quickly get in touch with you and help you resolve the problem. Regards, SKODA India.


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