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Chandra Patel

I purchased Sony VAIO in September 2012. From 3rd DAY I started facing long list of problems as the product had manufacturing defect. I requested for the replacement but company insisted to repair.
I am experienced Laptop user (since 2002) having used many other brands but hardly visited for repairs, even if I did, it was never more than once.
But my Sony VAIOLaptop has gone for repair for 13 times in less than 3 years (since September 2012 to April 2015).Initially 3 to 4 times their service technician visited my place for repairs. He either repaired on the spot or took with him for the repairs and dropped back within reasonable time (about a week in total) but later on they stopped it. They would give excuse that due to long waiting list it will take at least 15 business days for the pick-up and equal time for repairs and drop back. Meaning I will be without laptop for over a month, and my business would be totally stopped. To protect my business I had to carry my laptop to service centres, 3-4 times I took it to Mira Road (E)Mumbai and 3-4 times at Virar (W) Mumbai locations. Most of the times I did receive job sheet (proof of defects and repairs done with date).but initial home visit do not have any job sheets. But I do have long trailing e-mails with company’s executives which can be forwarded if needed.

I also point out that after certain time I stopped receiving response to my emails and phone callsmade to Customer care,Sony.. So once I used different phone to call and spoke to same executive, (Mr. Abhishek Jethawa)who bluntly said, that my complains are endless and he is tired of them so he has stopped reading my emails and it directly goes to his junk mail. My phone number is listed in his block phone number list, so I should not bother him anymore. When I asked, whom should I talk in his place; he did not reply and disconnected the phone.

When my laptop is sent for the repairs, all listed problems are not solved. Some time new problems pop-up, some time any of the earlier returns. Until now it was under warranty period, so my loss was time and issues to carry to and from the service centre ( I am single, 66 years old lady do not have any help for this kind of work. To carry even laptop is too heavy for me after my recent critical sickness). Besides, those days when my laptop is gone for repairs, all my trading is stopped and at times it is very damaging.
Permanent problems I face are as under
• All USB ports not working
• Touchpad not working
• Right hand number keys not working
• Randomly Control (Ctrl) key combo not working (e.g.Ctrl+I)
• Randomly many of the F keys not working (e.g. F3)

After using computer continuously for 3-4 hours
• Any typed information gets converted to computer code language instead of English
• Files start open/shut on its own ( meaning all unsaved work is lost)
• In copy /paste command, computer starts random paste (meaning any of the earlier file is pasted anywhere) it pastes same file for random number of times.
• Without any click, where ever mouse is pointed continuous dropped down menu keeps popping up. It just does not stop even if the mouse is lifted in air. This cannot be ignored, as computer stops performing all other functions
• Only way to stop all these mad action is, shut down the work, total unplug, remove even laptop charger and take minimum 20 to 30 minutes break.
Now imagine this situation when the market is going against your Intra-day F&O trade and you want to come out of the trade
• Suddenly all work is done in computer coded language i.e.HTML.
• While typing, curser suddenly jumps anywhere and start tying (this is horrible situation if you are doing numerical work, accounting etc. Because it removes previous figures and puts new one. Only choice is discard all work and re-start.
Many of above problems were removed after 3-4 visits but some keep coming back. Often it happens that current problems are solved but new are added. You may see them in the job sheet.

My Last visit in April 2015 has added new problem. Now CD drive has stopped working.

I am really sick & tired of this laptop. It has given me endless tension and often I faced huge loss. I was unable to take trades because of its mal-functions. I request you to take up the matter with Sony ASAP. Meanwhile please advice, is it O.K. if I sell off this laptop to buy another brand? Will my case still stand? Or I can’t sell it till final settlement is done?

I don’t have any more faith in Sony Brand. I do not wish any more repair or replacement. I wish to get full refund +3 years warranty charges with reasonable compensation for all kind of loss of time, energy, delay in work, repetitions of job due to faulty computer, irritations and harassment since the day I purchased this laptop, denial of repairs on site as promised in warranty and harassment to carry it to & from the service centres.

Thanking you,
Yours truly
Chandra Patel

defective product
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