defreezing of sb a/c​ of Kurmool-518001 for operations

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we are having s/b a/c no 311010030531​ in V VASUNDHARA DEVI & VV SUBBARAMAIAH SETTY names EOR from 2004. in 2006 it is kept under hold for the reasons known to the kurnool branch no information given to us so far.
the a/c was in a court case and the same was released by the honorable court in September 2014 allowed for operations in October 2015 by an order. I have met the sri chandra sekhar branch manager kurnool for refreezing by submitting judgment & court order. neither he is replying nor allowing operations in-spite 8 mails sent with attachments. so far no reply received from him.
later i we represented to DIG of Police, CBI, Hyderabad for refreeze/operations the a/c.
DIG wrote issued letter to the manager ,kurnool for refreezing on 10-02-16 & same is confirmed & received by the manager. in-sipite court order & DIG CBI HD order manager Kurnool -518001 not responding and saying HO BG not releasing
As for as my knowledge manager has the responsibility. incase of SBI, ANDHRA Bnak KVB kurnool, KVB Anantapur and Ing/KOTAK bank Anantapur close TD’s, Lockers and s/b a/c in december on submission of court order except sri chandrasekhar, manager, kurnool in-spite of DIG CBI order on FEB 2016.
we sent mail to you to customerservice @kotak with scanned copies of court & CBI order on 20-2-16 from pl
we request you do the needful for refreezing a/c avoid further court case pl
Thank & Regards
AGM,BSNL. HYD-500036
mob. no. 9490000916 0r 160

defreezing of sb a/c​ of Kurmool-518001 for operations
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