Degree Collage in Bagaha, West Champaran, Bihar

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Dear Sir,

Myself Ravi Upadhyay (Dhiraj Upadhyay) from Bagaha, West Champaran Bihar.

This is to request you to kindly arrange to provide a good Science and Commerce Degree collage in Bagaha as our Students are suffering to get good study and going to other Districts like Patna, Gorakhpur or Lucknow for good study. This is still ok for Boy students but if we think about girls they can’t as we know about backward places in India and their Parents will never allow and i think they may right as we understand all crime happening with Girls.

For any clarification i am giving my contacts details, please take this action ASAP.

With Warm Regards,

Ravi Upadhyay (Dhiraj Upadhyay)
+971-52-8515853 is my contact as now i am working in Dubai.

Degree Collage in Bagaha, West Champaran, Bihar
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