delay in installation of TV

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The below mail is bought under invoice no 229 without date for total of Rs. 78500/

I have purchased on 31-08-2015 at your show room at Tech Arena shop Okkiyam Thraipakkam OMR road
1. Aircondition one set
2. Television – Smart
3. Speaker

I have informed that these needs to be installed today ( 1st August 2015 )

I entered shop being a distributor of branded and reputable make “ Samsung “ and I have been informed and confirmed that the installation will be over by 2 PM today however it has been messed up in total

I have been informed from morning 11 AM that Television installation technician will be coming by 11.30 AM and this being followed up by me every 2 hours and at no point of time the show room has informed of the contact number of technician or their inability to install the same today, until at 8.55 PM where the show room representative have concluded that it can not be installed today

If TV could not have been installed today, that should have been informed to if not in the morning or atleast at 4 PM I was waiting for full day and in total I wasted my time taking off to office as well

This is one of the worst service I have ever come across and would be happy if you atleast cancel my TV order ( I am ok with Air-condition since it has been installed at 3 PM today )

Never over promise and under deliver
You may please take back the TV and return the amount to me by way of Demand draft or cheque or RTGS / NEFT transfer

PS : I also wasted my time in typing and sending this mail as my time is not meant for this non value added work /waiting


7/40 4th main road Kottur Gardens Kottupuram Chennai 600 085
Phone 9940634547

delay in installation of TV
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