Delivered the new scooter with damage and cheated me by not giving replacement

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Dear Sir/Madam,

Sub: This is to bring it to your notice about how I got cheated by the TVS Dealer employee and bought new scooter with damage.

Bought new scooter with damaged MUDGUAD:

Im DINESHBALAJI bought a new scooter ( TVS JUPITER MATTE BLUE) on 25/Apr/2016 from TVS DEALER – SRI VARI, 223 T H ROAD, NEW WASHERMENPET, CHENNAI 600081. when I got my scooter delivered from the delivery section I noticed the MUDGUAD is having damage in it and immediately I showed it to the delivered person (Mr.Raghavan – +918015913083). He accepted the damage and assured me that he will do the replacement of that part on the first service since the mudguard is not currently available with them in stock. I trusted him and thought that he would do the necessary in genuine manner.

Observed second damage in TAIL LAMP on the new scooter covered outer with plastic cover :

After I agreed with his apologize on delivering the damaged scooter I reached home and tried to look on each parts since the vehicle delivered on the night time and too in the dark place. I checked if all other exterior parts are good to accept the scooter.
It’s shocked for me to observe after tearing the plastic cover on the tail lamp because the TAIL LAMP was a broken piece attached in my vehicle. Immediately on the next day I took my scooter to the Dealer place where I bought and showed to the same person. (The tail lamp was with the guard surrounded and we couldn’t see even a little scratch on the guard).this proves that tail lamp damage should be happened before delivery itself as similar to mudguard damage.
But this time ragavan argued and later seeing the guard without any damage and the tail lamp alone was damaged, he gave the same response asked me to bring it on the first service so that he would do replacement of MUDGUARD AND TAIL LAMP. There was also another minor damage observed by him that my scooter right side mirror base was with fault and so I insisted to remove the mirror due to not able to tighten the mirror.

Gave for first service and to get the Replacement of delivery damaged parts:

After waited for long days for his call to get to know if the parts are in stock as he told me that he will call us once the Replacement parts are ready for me. so that I can give my scooter for first service and get my damaged parts replaced as well. But I didn’t get any calls inspite of several follow ups. Then, I directly visited on 13/Aug/2016 and gave for service. While I give it he told he will do complete Test and give it to me perfectly. But after service is done still I observed the same defects and when I asked him he responded very badly insulted me and unmannerly he bahaved like walked out of the discussion without giving any proper solution or reply to me.
Whole team seeing this arguments, suddenly one man came into picture and Mr.Raghavan responded him that he will replace only the MUDGUAD. After saying this he again left. That another person who discussed with him was Mr.Shiva(+91-9500180670), an Assistant Manager and he spoke with Tertiary manager regarding this damage delivery and took some picture of my scooter. Finally Mr.Shiva told me that I need to trust him for tail lamp replacement and mirror base replacement and Mr.Ragavan will replace the mudguard once the stock is available.
Mr.shiva asked to come back after a week. But after a week he told he still not able to get the stock available for all the replacement parts. So I waited for few days. Now it’s almost a month gone, Mr.Shiva called up me and informed that he cannot do any Replacements.


Finally I came here with trust that you will definitely show some lights on my issues and will give a necessary solution for replacing the delivery damaged parts.
Here, i’m not disclosing any documents or vehicle details considering the security purpose. But still I’m ready to provide you your needs in case if anything is required from myside.

Thanking you,
Dineshbalaji M K

Delivered the new scooter with damage and cheated me by not giving replacement
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