Delivery was late but i got my benefit

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I was doubtful about this types of websites, But once i try to purchase Unique voucher Id: PBDM0000002464 on 10th July, 2016 by paid Rs. 3500. This offer was provided EMI Scheme to update Rs. 784 each month till 6 months so they did first EMI credit of Rs. 784 on 19-July-2016 and i have done 3 transactions successfully still.

I have use this voucher 2 times to recharge my mobile. Generally we have to receive balance in 1 to 4 hours but it was late and received in next day, yes! i called at contact number when i don’t receive my balance so soon but they were cleared me that you will be receive your balance, maybe it can late.

Now, I hope i can use my full voucher amount easily doesn’t matter if it have to late. I want to say thanks to give me good service till now.

Delivery was late but i got my benefit
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