Didnt got jewellary against money since last one year

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I am so very restless from last few days… i have been working day and night, save money and then buy jeweler from lajpat nagar based jewelers… but now i have come to know that i have been cheated by them… actually the jewelry they sold me for 1.20s. Lacs are in actual of rs 25000 only… even less than 25% amount…

i am so not sure of what is to be done… they claim to give cash back after one year… should i wait and take 90% cash back after an year or should i do something so that others don’t get cheated… but what should be done,,, what will be the final results or outcome of things… this is not the first jeweler i bought from them… it has been five or more years that i am buying jeweler from them

It has been an year now that i am waiting for them to get their material updated so that i can get exchange of jewellary.. Now i am realy in hopeless position pls help..
I am so very shocked that how people can do such things with don’t they know how difficult it is to earn money in life… i am not able to focus on anything in life… feel betrayed…

Please someone guide me…surely will disclose all the details once i get solution….

I have copy of all bills with me….

Didnt got jewellary against money since last one year
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