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Hi, This is sangeetha, i am ordered two helmets from rediff.com with order number 1178836 on june 26 2015, after two days we get call from rediff related person he told to us like what product you had choose that is not available at present we send different product to u then we said no and we send mail to them and they reply like we cannot change your selected products we send your selected helmets only. After 2nd july we receive products which is different from our ordered products, we are not liked those. we send one complaint but no reply we again calls to different phone numbers they can’t reply one person with number 01142401555 can told if you want you take otherwise send like that he told, then i said to him you are doing mistake so you can send one person and take your products and please refund me but he can’t listen my words he cut my phone also. again iam put email to customer support and again call to another customer support number we take care with in 24 hours but they are also not reply yet

Different product delievery
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