Director interview in jan shikshan santhan’s Nandurbar II ( Maharashtra )

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Dear Sir , ( Mr. Arnab Goswami , i have mail also attached scan images of the document for more clarifications and reference )
i have done complaint to Grievance but no Resolution or Reply provided by any one :DOSEL/E/2015/00986 please Help and guide me further.As i unable to get any solution from RTI, DARPG ( Department of Administrative Reforms & Public Grievances )or the respective department Jan Shikshan Sansthan Nandurbar II Esty. by Vidya Vikas Manda (Sponsored By:-Ministry of Human Resource Development,Department of school Education and literacy Government of India)They are trying to hide the truth about this case. With reference to the subject,I have been called for interview in Jan Shikshan Sansthan Nandurbar II Esty. by Vidya Vikas Manda for the post of Director Advertisement Dated Oct 2013 and Interview Dated 09 of Jan 2015. i require details for following points regarding this interview —- 1.I have received call letter dt 17.12.2014 with letter no JSS NDB II/sel.Regular Director/30/2014-15 mentioning interview date 9th jan 2014 ,it clearly indicates me to be puzzled and i should not attend the interview.2 In interview 4 candidates have been called out of which 3 candidates were present for Interview,due to non eligible on one candidate the appointment of director is been cancelled as per rules,this reason is given to us,but the reality was as follows —- candidate name shri Narendra madhukar shirode nandurbar who is actually working on records as a assistant program officer in JAN SHIKSHAN SANSTHAN Nandurbar II,was selected for interview on which eligibility? is his documents were verified by selection committee and body members ? when he is already a worker in same organization how come the body members don’t know his eligibility ? b.shri Narendra madhukar shirode has produced experience certificate 5 to 7 yrs as assistant teacher in same organization with name Bhagya chintan madhyamik vidhyalay which is an organization approved under VIDYA VIKAS MANDAL , the documents produced are totally fake one, still knowing all details of his fake documents on with private interest he was been called for interview ? c.In the committee meeting the chairman has selected him as director in interview without his eligibility, it is clearly a preplan to appoint him as a director in his organization.3. please check the record of interview, video cd having all the eligibility and completing proper interview why nobody was selected it is been a question which is answerable by the director body members of nandurbar organization. after having advertisement from oct 2013 till interview call jan 2015 why no member is been selected ? 4.If there was a meeting for selection procedure request you to please verify the proceeding of all the meetings regarding director selection interview.i request to please recheck and make an inquiry regarding appointment of director in JAN SHIKSHAN SANSTHAN Nandurbar II Esty. by Vidya Vikas Manda. also check all communication between ministry and them. My question is all the required number of candidate visited the venue,interview conducted, selection procedure followed,selection done,Ranking given, document collected and after all this the documents found doubtful not fraudulent. It means all the criteria for interview followed properly.All the procedure properly followed.Where other candidates went wrong. Why other candidate should suffer because of Mr.N.M.Shirude and committee mistake .Please take action to Mr.Shirude and Parent Organization The Same institution had given an advertisement in local newspaper dt.16/4/2015 (DAINIK NDDARSHAN)total 8 different posts. it had come to my knowledge that interview conducted was a bogus one and out of 8 posts only 2-3 new persons had been hired but the same existing staff had been re-hired for posts. But it was all a show off since the posts were not vacant itself previously only. It has also come to knowledge that a post named ” PRABHARI SANCHALAK” is not a post only then how was an advertisement given for the same and if it is a valid post can please you confirm the same?

No satisfied reply received from anybody. They are trying to hide the truth about this case.

what a comman man do how ?


Director interview in jan shikshan santhan’s Nandurbar II ( Maharashtra )
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