Disappointed with Peal hours charges

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I am a frequent user of Ola cabs but this time i am very disappointed with Ola service. I booked to different cabs for 2 different location. while booking i got the message that there will be 2.5X charges which i agreed but when i reached my destination i was really shocked and very disappointed. For CRN91343169 my friend traveled 15.3 Kms and she got charge of Rs.532 and other CRN91341936 we traveled 19.52 Kms and got charge Rs.638. This is very disappointing. I did used the ola cabs during peak hours and i did get the messgae before about 2.5X charge but they never charged me double, they just charged me Rs 50 -Rs.80 extra but this time you people almost doubled the amount. I AM VERY VERY VERY DISAPPOINTED WITH THIS. I WANT YOU TO REFUND MY EXTRA CHARGES OTHERWISE YOU WILL LOOSE A LOYAL CUSTOMER AND NOT ONLY THIS, I WILL LET MY 100 OF FRIENDS KNOW THAT OLA IS MAKING FOOL PEOPLE AND DO NOT USE OLA SERVICE. NOW IT IS TOTALLY UPTO YOU PEOPLE HOW SERIOUS YOU WILL TAKE THIS. LOOKING FORWARD TO HEAR FROM YOU PEOPLE.


Disappointed with Peal hours charges
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