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Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy

We protect the privacy of our users. The importance of your confidentiality appears at first place regarding the data we collect and use from your complaint. Our privacy Policy is going through a transformation as we update data to keep up to date outline of the complaints you make. You approve the Terms of Service with proper indulgence that you submit your accord to consumercomplaintsforum.co.in that we will store and use your data for further update process.

User Info Safety

Your deliberate consent to our Complaint Site enables us to collect your Personal Info which include your name and address, telephone info, e-mail, website, blog-site, social communication info, or any other miscellaneous identification. We will use these data to classify you or communicate you.

  • Consumer Complaints preserves the right to store information you deliver to us. We will not publicly use your info unless you choose them to disclose in public.
  • We offer you email privacy.
  • Your User Account Info is protected with password. Handle your password carefully.

If our website leads you to the third party website for any complaint related purpose, consumercomplaintsforum.co.in will not be responsible for varied Privacy Culture of the other sites. You are recommended to read the privacy policy of each website you intend to visit.

Register with Us

A new user will have to go through a registration procedure beforehand the user be enabled to log in to our site as an active user. The registration procedure requires some of your Personal Information such as, working email, telephone info, permanent address, etc. to share with us. The information you share with us helps us to keep you connected with our service. We do not publish any valued Personal Information of our users without their unequivocal approval.

Once you register with us, you will shortly receive an informative email with the credential of accessing our site.

You can edit your Personal Information at My Profile from the My Account tab anytime after logging in to our site.

Keeping Cookies

We recommend you to use our ‘Cookies’ to keep logged in to our site. ‘Cookies’ are the small text data file which automatically store in your PC system. Usage of ‘Cookie’ will reduce your effort to feed User Name and Password each time you try to log in. ‘Cookies’ also enables us to comprehend our users’ experience of accessing our site. We do not assess ‘cookies’ to reclaim any user information but the data we supply as a procedure undertake accessing our site.

User Data Assemblage

consumercomplaintsforum.co.in always assembles data which any user feed either through the registration procedure or consumercomplaintsforum.co.in. The sort of data we control are:

  • Consumer Complaint Contents: We collect the information from your complaints to use them assessing your complaint. Your complaints are publicly posted so, make sure that you edit them whenever they are needed. You can contact with our Content Editor anytime to make any change to your complaints.
  • Communication: Consumer Complaint manages communication between the respective authority or third party and you regarding your complaints and exposition.
  • Covered Material: We locate your IP address, browser or G-location with a view to having a better admittance through your complaint.

User Data Stored

consumercomplaintsforum.co.in stores or archives certain users’ data to the site database

  • Registration Info
  • Consumer Complaint Contents
  • Correspondence Data (Message, Comment, Reply, etc.)

We assure you complete safeguard to store your data in our database unless any malicious data hack.

Custom Data

consumercomplaintsforum.co.in uses certain user data to:

  • Provide User our service
  • Avail Customer Service
  • Prevent potential outlaws
  • Actuate our Terms of Service
  • Automatically probe messages to check for spam, fraud, and other malicious contents

Disclosure of Data

consumercomplaintsforum.co.in would disclose any data from the database if it is required for any legitimate procedure or authorized state to:

  • Carry out maintenance of legal mandate (e.g., summons, court petitions).
  • Third party’s claim for any content of the users’ post
  • Enforce our Terms of Service
  • Protect the rights, property or security of consumercomplaintsforum.co.in and its users

There is no possibility of sharing users’ data with other company unless we share our venture with other. In case of sharing our venture with other, we may share users’ data for relevant welfare of the users and the companies.