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I know that every time i go on your site in the past month all i get to do is prove who i am. so i make a new facebook 3 or 4 times now then i go to my old facebook to start adding my old friends from the previous one and i get messages from some one at facebook that ill be kicked off facebook if i dont stop adding people i dont know..now my ex girlfriend victoria sullivan continues to hack into my facebvook.then im told im not me by face book. mine no body else that its not me,or that im adding people i dont know ? sorry but i dont do that , nor do i apreciate the accusation . victorias phone number is 587 712 3667 or she uses an i pad.when a person goes to prison you are given a prison # my # is 508011c .so lets say if i were asked what my favorite # number is i would then give you that number. i enjoy this site alot and apreciate being allowed on it. i am the only cory goertz in edmonton alberta and if there is a way i can put all of my friends from all of my previous facebooks on this one i will be very gratefull thank you sincerely ! Cory Goertz

dissapointed in face book
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