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Hi am Neelav sarmah from guwahati I bought a sony experia Z1 last year that’s 2014 Feb its was workin fine till this year Jan,on this month I started gettin less poor battery backups comparatively when the backup of the battery was a year back so I visited service centre the service people opened a jobsheet n asked me to come when they give me a call which might take 3 or 4 days cause they see what’s the problem and let me know accordingly!

Say like after 3 or 4 days they called me sayin the set is ready!
When I went there they said my cell is under warranty so as my set cannot be repaired they provided me wit a refurbished set,initially I didn’t take but later after few arguments I took it and came home!

After 2 months n some days I started gettin problem in that handset so I reported them they asked me to visit their service centre so I went they took it opened job sheet called me after 3 days provided me with another refurbished set!

This continued till I collected my 4th refurbished set n still gettin wit this set also now its like after every alternate weeks I have to visit the service centre n each time I have to get disappointments,this is a very serious matter and now to my bad luck the sony service centre is saying there’s no problem in the set n asked me to collect it back!

I need some help its total harassment help me and my no is 09706070435

Dissatisfied with sony service
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