Distrust and harassment .

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This refers to my most harrowing experience with rediff shopping.I had placed an order for Hou-dy canopy multicolour umbrella on 22ndjuly2015.The product was to be delivered on cash at the time of receiving,it was delivered on 27th July 2015.Immediately after opening it,I found it much below my expectation in terms of quality and its texture.Since I have been shopping with Flipcart and Amazon where my experience with their return policy was very good,I did not expect any problem with rediff -though it was my first opportunity in dealing.The only address on which I could return was Lemon Corporate.I did inform rediff and whatever proof they wanted like courier name,track no.,I did send but despite my best efforts to convince them which included calling the company whom I had returned.Nothing worked and finally they have refused to have sent any product as the order number is not tallying.Since it’s only Rs.705/which included both ways shipping paid by me,I decided to have no future dealing with rediff and this will be my advice to others as well.I have my own doubts about its solution as I have lost all respect for rediff for a paltry sum.

Distrust and harassment .
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