Dowry and Mental Harassment (Ravneet Kaur- VICTIM)

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My Mother in law asked 10 lac cash, gold ornaments,furniture, and all electronic goods from my parents in form of dowry. i am having good relation with my husband i am from kolkata nd husband stay in melbourne he was their for 7 yrs after completeinh his H.S he wend abroad forhiger education, now on 6th feb he came back she started asking him to break relation with me and tourche him on daily basis by abusing him and sayingif you don’t do so i will die she has tourched as to an such a exent even sa, then my husband took stand for me and we got married on 16th march2015, after three days of marriage she started fitting with myhusband and having arguments and “SUCH BIG THING TO SAY”- SHE started creating misunderstanding between meand my husband, myparents were fulfilled all demands but from first day of my marriage my mother in law started abusing me and my parents in front of me for dowry and related goods, she
deal me like a servant and didnt allow me to talk my parents, she took all my jewellery and wedding related clothes and goods. I am a working girl so I joined my job back after wedding, she verbally abused and harass me mentally for asking money from my parents,My mother in law already took all my savings by saying that he needs money urgently. On contacting them they started abusing me and my family and putting false blame on me and my family that my parents are interfering by letting me stay at their place so better they take my lifetime responsibility. I am suffering from hypertension from their behaviour.Now I wanted to take legal action against them. Please guide me. Its really urgent for me to know.
My Contact No. Ravneet Kaur-7838694497
my Husband- Harinder Singh-9911601398
I am from kolkata, and my husband was never here in india from the age of 18, my father in law is in china since from 15yrs. working in resturtaent, my brother in law stay with mom in pachim Vihar he recently got married in moth of may2015, we both dont have any idea what happend. please help us we are in very muchtrouble we dont stay in pachim vihar with my mother in lawwe have moved in a rented room, yesterday night i got threadted call from my mother in law i am very much scared please please meri madaad kardo maine bht complain ki police me bhi koi haal nai hua, muje itna tourche and mental harrasment ki geyi hai that i was hostpilazed for 5 days i have all the proof.. mere husbad bhi har jagha madaad mang rhe hai.. please meri madad kardo please..

Dowry and Mental Harassment (Ravneet Kaur- VICTIM)
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  1. ritu sharma

    I am from himachal Pradesh.I am married to NRI having u.s. citizenship on 29 april 2013 under special marriage act at Sub magistrate palampur and then on 6may 2014 hindu traditional marriage ceremonies were performed.He and his nri parents stayed in India for 45 days and they went back promising me and my family that they will take me along with them after filing for my cr1 visa.But sir no one came for one long year. I literaly begged him to come on first marriage anniversary then he and his mother demanded 15 lakh rs and ticket fare plus plot on my name if i would like to see him in India.i and my fayher expessed incapability for that.There behaviour started to change from that very time…i was not allowed to go somewhere out of home alone,if my parents go out he ask me to sit near skype with him.i have to be keep my phone hanged full day.He was requested by my relatives parents by me,he agreed to come to India with his parents.but before that he send me format of affidavit to be signedby me.all purpose of that was to hide his ill deeds.He forced me not to use social networking sites like whatsapp or facebook.He came on 23 oct 2014,after long period of 17 months 17 days.stayed for 45 days again.When my parents ask him about his plans of future settlings.He took me and my parents to Delhi saying that they are going to take me with them ontourist visa.But there my mother in law took jwellery of me saying that it will be difficult for me to take it from customs.she will return me afterwards.They again refused me to take with them convincing me and my innocent parents that there is very little work of my Cr1 visa.they will surely take me by january end.But after reaching their place,their behaviour again changed and they started imposing conditions on me whose sole meaning was to take me as maid.I came to know that i was pregnant..i told him..but still my visa work was pending which was stopped by them by April 2014.They started to threaten me of giving me divorce..I said that i will take leagel action against me.He maid fun of me Saying that FIR TO TU RAM JAITH MALANI SE HI BAAT KARLEY..TAB BHI TU MERA KUCHH NAHI BIGAAD SAKTI.U BELONG TO INDIA AND I BELONG TO U.S.OR INDIA.NOTU CASE KAR MEIN FIRST SUMMON MEIN HI AA JAUNGA.Sir i have recordings of last one video records,photocopies of his passport,PIO number,Social Security Code,driving licence etc.affidavit paper he demanded from me and much more.I have filed case against him,but yet nothing has gone to him.Sir i dont have money to give you but all what i can say is i request you to save me and all deserted,abandoned wives from NRI husbands and in-laws.This time i am finding that may be unknowingly but he has shown me the path that you can save all of us to be called upon as honeymoon wives.We Indian girls are not to play with.Please sir for once fight for us.


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