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Respected Modi ji we are very proud to have you as our country’s Prime minister we are honoured. I Mrs.Sanju Sunil Kankariya of Jalgaon Maharashtra wants to know how our Govt. can help children suffering with DYSLEXIA ie. Learning Difficulty which is around 15% . As DYSLEXIA’S awareness is very negilable in our country.As I have started a project “SURAJ”on awareness I am astonished to know that teachers and students are aware but due to lack of support from GOVT it is not workable. Sir to bring to your notice globally many institutions are working for this cause why not in our country INDIA . As history speaks for.eg.HENRY FORD,THOMAS EDISON,MUHMAD ALI ,ALBERT EINSTEN,PRINCE CHARLES……………. they were dyslexic and they created history as were taught and mentored in their way. We can also creat great people by creating proper organisation in every district to help such children and make our country proud .Thank you Sir hoping a positive reply for SMILING INDIA..

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