electricity bill – mandhyanchal Vidyut nigam

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Hello Sir, I am R/o, D 1071 Indira Nagar Lucknow.In your lko edition dated 06may 2016, regulatory surcharge 1 &2 on electricity bills being charged by mandhyanchal Vidyut nigam, I want to bring to ur knowledge today on 06 may 2016 my bill generated also has fixed charge, regulatory surcharge, electricity duty. I don’t understand which charge has been removed as chief engineer, mandhyanchal Vidyut nigam has no order from Mr. SHAMIM AHMED , PRINCIPAL DIRECTOR, MANDHYANCHAL VIDYUT NIGAM and also was not ready to correct the bill and was not ready to share the latest tariff copy. My account Id is 312692922121 . Kindly get this in knowledge of the respective authorities and bring relief to consumers as the officer responsible pay no heed to letters and emails and even the software is not being updated about the correction of the billing machine and the agents are blank with no information.
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electricity bill – mandhyanchal Vidyut nigam
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