Employee Grievance Against HDFC Bank

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Dear Sir,

As per the new RBI guidelines where it is clearly mentioned that all the banks (Public & Private) will be closed on 2nd & 4th Saturday, HDFC bank is forcing us (HBL employees & HDFC Staff as well) to come and work on all the 4 saturdays.

I am an employee of HBL Global Pvt Ltd, which does all the telemarketing calls on behalf of HDFC Bank. We are asked to come on all saturdays and work for full day inspite of saturday being half day as per HBL HR guidelines. Customer often ask us that why on bank holiday HDFC Bank is making telemarketing calls and they often treat our calls as fraud calls.

HDFC is even calling their own staff (bank payroll) to work for full day otherwise thier annual ratings and incentive will be gone.

Other Pvt. Banks like ICICI, Standard chartered, Axis have abide by the RBI guidelines and declared bank holiday on 2nd & 4th saturday. Even their telemarketing setup is closed. Then why HBL global is open. They are threatening us that if we don’t come on sayurday then they will throw out from job. Even the sales managers are coming to office just because of their annual rating.

Head of HBL Global pvt ltd. Mrs. Kashimara Patel and OCC head Mr. Vinu Subramaniam has said that HDFC is bigger than RBI and it need not obey everything whatever RBI

request you to kindly take this matter very seriously and please forward this mail to the respective department and take necessary action.

Employee Grievance Against HDFC Bank
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