Engine Damaged in Workshop

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I write to you today to convey my utter annoyance and concern at the matter in which we are being cheated and looted by Autobahn Skoda Service Center. Its ridiculous and disappointing and thoroughly disturbing. I drove my car in absolute running condition to the Autobahn service center at Jogeshwari with over heating complaint. They just kept giving false promises to get it repaired in 1 day, as and when I call them. Surprisingly they took one month to start repairing with replacement of water pump which was causing heating problem.

Shockingly, after a month, I get a call from Autobahn, that as soon as they replaced the water pump and started car and tested for about 2 km, timing belt was broken and main pulley was damaged and now even after replacing the belt, engine would not start. This was absolutely their mistake in workshop which caused problem. They called me and started blaming me that belt was damaged before it came to workshop and they need my approval to open the engine to repair it. I was totally shocked to hear about it as I handed over the car in very much running condition. They assured me to get it done with minimum charges and asked me to pay it, even if it was not my fault. Assuming, it will be done under Rs. 10000/- (As told me by SA).

As if, That is not enough, to my surprise, they sent me estimate of Rs. 1,85,000 to repair the engine for not my fault and asked me to wait for atleast 15 days more as most of the parts are not available in stock.

Would you trust this organization again ? Would you go to this service center to get your expensive car damaged ? Would you even deal with the people who don’t believe in any service or value for customer ?

Engine Damaged in Workshop
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    Dear sir,
    Your skoda veh engine overheating oroblem- if the temperature needle shows more than half, you should not run the veh. If it runs, headgasket will burnt and engine oil is mixed with coolant and sometime engine will seize. In your veh the dealer people says that timing belt broken. If it broken, engine will not start and you could not bring the vehicle to workshop. suspectibg water pump impeller got damaged inside, timing belt replacement interval is not proper(80,000 km replacement), due to that timing got disturbed tends to enginbe overheating.


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