Environmental Pollution And Health Hazard

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Respected sir

This is to inform you that Slaughter house in between “Astamudi lake”” and “Kollam Thode” situated near taluk office which is under kollam corporation, KERALA, causing environmental pollution due to improper waste management.One of the major tourism attraction in Kollam is ourĀ  backwater ASHTAMUDI LAKE and it is Now almost polluted. Foul and Pungent smell surrounds more than 1 km in the area due to the collection of animal waste products such as blood, urine, skin ,rumen, bladder, bones etc .Worm infestation is also there. Hundreds of animals are killed here per day. No proper waste management is there. All these animal wastes are buried in the surrounding area for some time with JCB from corporation, the next day they will come and dig the same area causing serious health issue. Burying and digging like this is somthing which is not good and also not a proper waste management. Biogas plant are there for name sake with no use. They drain waste products and blood to our prestigious backwater resource ASHTAMUDI LAKE . Many disease causing bacteria, viruses and pathogensĀ  from here may lead to many serious diseases such as TB, Typhoid, Paratyphoid etc and also causes many serious skin disorders. We are now breathing the air which contains toxins from these biological wastes. The bad odour from here is disgusting. Many people including kids are residing in this area.Lot of tourist are travelling throug this area. The bad smell from here is something horrible. Many complaints have given to kollam corporation but no action is taken yet. Kindly help us by taking a favourable action for this pathetic condition.


Environmental Pollution And Health Hazard
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