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Hello! sir, i try too log in in my facebook account but my legal document i submit than my legal document not accepted facebook account because my facebook account real name is INDRAJIT BORO, this is facebook account second changes fake name RAHUL BISHWA DAS and my fake real date of birth 20/12/1985, that’s reason too not accepted my real document huh! sir, PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! how can my facebook account back sir? please! sir! my facebook account personal videos name is LAKPRASAT NARZARY, he live is udalguri, town and father nick name is BIPUL NARZARY or DERHASHA NARZARY and mobile number is – 995716536. and my facebook near friend is a DRUNN RAVA DRUNN or real name is a SURAJ RAVA, her mobile number is a – 8876543729. my facebook account total friend i thing – 527 or 530 and my facebook friend details only see my own and i play game name is a dead trigger 2, dear hunter just play 2 days, bad pigs etc. please! sir, i want my facebook accout back immediately, this is my request sir!.
And please! contact me this is my mobile number is a – 9854891922 and other mobile number is a – 8471971126 and my father M.N. is a – 9957165348 and my mother M.N. is a – 8135030014 please! call me any you choice M.N. or send SMS me sir!.
Can i call facebook helpline number? – 18002582590 huh! sir!
Please! please! please! please! i want too my face book account back sir! please! think about it guys byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee……………………………….!

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