FAG BEARING MNC compny does not gave job of self finance collage student

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dear mem,

I am hardik parmar age of 23 I am diploma mechanical passing where Gujarat respective collage of ganpat university, shri b.s.patel polytechnic..
but issue is now I am suffering for job because in Vadodara many MNC company needs the man for work who will pass out of government collage so please tell me what can we do for getting a job in MNC company..if u are not gave us job so please I request closed all self finance collages.
last 3 years I will working in FAG BEARING Ind ltd 1yr apprentice ship,1year compny contract,1year in company training then their company VP take my interview for probation and i cleared them interview,and feel up all forms like pf,joining,gratuaty but when 1st day of my probation they tell me i could not join because of my collage is self finance collage.
3 year letter they will told me they are not taken me on job because of my collage was not government..so mem can u tell me if MnC company does not gave us job so why are u gave permission for self finance collage??
Now i am very mentally disturb mem ,I really don’t know what can I do because I am not a belong to high class family,my dad is school van driver..I planned to be suicide nd that is ur fault and your system who cant do anything for us. please help me i think i am the 1st person to complain that thing. I want justice mem what can I do ??give back my 3 year hard work if u can??,so please take action on them and give me justice
for your kind information I told u in Gujarat 92 collage of self finance nd just 30 collage was government..so now what can I do its ur fault or mine..
thanks nd regards
hardik parmar

FAG BEARING MNC compny does not gave job of self finance collage student
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