False balance deduction

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My Cell No is +919832840383. I have been using this number for 9 years. Every time I recharge my mobile, after a few days Reliance (smart) deducts my balance by showing the following message” your subscription to Callertunes Service has been renewed at Rs.___ for a period of ___ days.” Number of days(Period) is equal to the amount deducted i.e. Re.1/day. Total Rs.121 has been deducted so far from 26.08.2014 to 03.06.2015. Rs. 19 on 26.08.14, Rs.28 on 15.12.14, Rs.10 on 21.03.15, Rs.28 on 30.04.15, Rs.6 on 28.05.15 and Rs.30 on 03.06.15 deducted. I complined the company but they are not responding properly.

False balance deduction
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  1. RCOMcare

    Dear Rajsekhar ,

    We have noted your complaint and the same has been forwarded to our customer service team. They will get in touch with you directly to resolve your concerns.

    Reliance Communications

  2. RCOMcare

    Dear Rajsekhar,

    Our customer service team has informed us that your concerns have been addressed. However, as per the details, the necessary waiver has been posted to your account. Thank you!

    Reliance Communications


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