False promises and inaction by Congress

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It seems the INC is convinced that its outlandish media splashes on the electronic and print media would still make some difference to people’s perceptions about the change that it promises to bring in the country. Whereas the fact is that every subject that it touches in its media, and now in its leaders’ speeches, be it of its achievements or of its future programmes, adds to perpetuating its mythical people-oriented stance in ruling this country. One instance of a chutzpah of the worst order on your part that touches my heart with deep disappointment, pessimism and anger is the advertisement that promises pension for the older people. Your government in the last ten years could not give pension to me; yes to me; though more than half of my colleagues in the organization I retired from (NYKS), are getting it. I don’t get it because even though the lower courts have allowed me the CCS pension, your Finance Ministers in succession have had some absolutely foolish policy that states that the people in an autonomous body should receive pension like it is due for post- 2004 employees, even if its members were all recruited in the mid eighties!! Half of my colleagues have got the CCS pension because they went to the court a bit earlier than me and when the Supreme court ordered in their favour they got it implemented. But the ministers and the bureaucrats of your government do not understand the basic of the Indian Constitution that has some fundamental rights and particularly Section 14. Your Ministers like Sarva Shree M.S. Gill, Mani Shankar Aiyer and above all Ajay Maken (who personally promised me that I’ll get my pension before I retired!), have all been promising pension to all the employees of NYKS; but no. Your out-of-job or serving MPs and small-time- leaders get all sort of benefits of being members of NYKS’ Board of Governors; all of the INC, but they do nothing on this most burning matter. They never could take time out of their complacency and smugness of well-being to even go to the Finance Minister to convince him that their policy was stupid and unconstitutional! That once a section of people in an organization was authorized to receive certain legitimate benefits of pension, it should accrue automatically to others who did not go to the court in the good faith that people in the governing people do know about a section 14 of the constitution. As a result of this obstinate and arrogantly non-caring attitude of your MPs, Ministers and their bureaucracy, I at the age of 63 am reduced to chasing buses in the morning to go for some job in time to keep my hearth and (what is left of my) spirit burning.
That even NDA ministers and their MPs did not do anything in this regard in the intger-regnum is no excuse for you to be equally uncaring.
This is one evidence-based observation of your hypocrisy; how will you serve any people! Do not deceive people in your Ads; you will never be able to rise that way.
(Ex Director, NYKS, MOYAS)

False promises and inaction by Congress
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