Faulty Mobile supplied

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Dear Sachinji

Order ID: OD102974833962404600
Order Date: 29-05-2015
Invoice Date: 04-06-2015

For above reference and invoice I have purchased Asus Zenfone-2 on dated 29/05/2015 and same day I have seen and observed mobile in faulty frequently rebooting the system and I have discussed with your serive provider and they have confirmed mother board problem.
I have given to compliant to your service call Centre and they have suggested to download the Smartchk app, same was downloaded on 03/06/2015 and your technical team has taken in thorough smartchk and team also confirmed mobile will be faulty and they have given approval for replacement on 04/06/2015 and it has to deliver the product on 05/06/2015 , I gave check flipkart app suddenly replacement was cancelled what happened I don’t know.
After that I have called more than 100 times for youe4 customer care, they are not responding even single call also and they have not taken any action on that,
Today your technical team has to call us at 2.13PM, as on now they have not called

I sincerely requesting you please look in this matter and resolve at the earliest.

Faulty Mobile supplied
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