Faulty Power Banks supplied by Whaaky.com

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I purchased a set (two) of Power Banks from Whaaky.com on the 26th. of May 2015 advertised as being 10400 mAh each. They were delivered on the 31st. of May 2015. I paid a total amount of Rs. 1149.00 including delivery. I finally opened them to check and charge them on the 2nd. of June. On completion of charging, I tried to charge my mobile – a Samsung Galaxy Duos – which has just a 2000mAh battery capacity but on charging the phone just 25% the power bank went dead. I tried to re-charge and charge the phone again but it was the same story. The power bank went dead after 20 minutes and charged the phone only 23%. I have written to Whaaky.com but have received no acknowledgement to my mails. I have tried to call the helpline number but there is no response at any time of the day or night. Please try to resolve this problem and arrange for me to get my money back.
Thank You,
Mr. Millan

Faulty Power Banks supplied by Whaaky.com
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