Faulty SAMSUNG Refrigerator and Non Existent After Sales Service

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I wish to bring to your kind attention about the malfunctioning of my refrigerator and a very dismal after sales service from the authorized service centre of Samsung india Ltd.

I had bought a Samsung Refrigerator last year sometime in Feb 2013.
model No: RT36FDJFABX/TL and S/N : R4624PAD20031 from V.N. Electronics.

In todays life a refrigerator is a necessity and is required 24×7 unlike a TV or an AC. Hence any trouble with the refrigerator upsets the normal functioning of daily activities. My earlier Godrej refrigerator functioned superbly without a single glitch for over 15 years and was still functioning well when I replaced it with a Samsung refrigerator hoping for a trouble free service for many years to come. But to my dismay, all my hopes were dashed when the refrigerator began to give me trouble in the first year itself.

Problem 1: Poor build quality of the vegetable tray at the bottom.

The vegetable tray build is of a very poor quality as it cannot even take the mentioned load. The front plastic panel is attached to the body with just two flimsy plastic hooks that are bound to break with even normal pulling of the vegetable tray for removing vegetables. If the front panel breaks the entire tray is rendered useless as one cannot store vegetables in it.
It appears that this has been done deliberately by Samsung to make additional money by way for tray replacement at exorbitant prices from the customers,

Problem No 2: Faulty Temperature Sensor

In May 2014 just 3 months after the warranty of 1 year ceased, the refrigerator section started giving trouble. Although The freezer section was sufficiently cold, the refrigerator section below was not cooling properly and as a resuly the items inside the refrigerator began to get spoiled.
that was the first time I contactedted the customer care call centre and registered a complaint. Although the service engineer did not come for a visit, the customer care executive suggested that I should unplug the refrigerator and remove everything from inside and leeave the refrigerator and the freezer door open for 5-6 hours and thereafer wipe it clean and then plug it again.
After doing this the refrigerator section began cooling but not like earlier times.

Problem 3: Very Poor and Non Existenet After Sales Service

In September 2014 again the refrigerator section stopped cooling and the things inside the refrigerator began to spoil. Again I called up customer care and registered a complaint on 21.09.2014 through my registered mobile no 9324781410.

i was assured that the service engineer would visit my home and resolve the trouble. The service engineer arrived on 22.09.204 and charged me Rs 280 for the service.
he checked the refrigerator and declared that the ” TEMPERATURE SENSOR” was malfunctioning and hence the auto- defrost function was not happening and the sensor needed to be replaced. As the service engineer did not have the necessary spare part in stock he said that he would come back again in 3-4 days with the spare part and replace the same.
The service engineer did not turn-up for more than a week till today ie 30.09.14.
So much for the great after sales service by Samsung.

I am surprised to find that a reputed multinational company like Samsung could treat its customer so shoddily. Samsung has cheated its customers firstly by selling them product of very inferior quality that breakdown much earlier than expected and then charge them heavily by selling spares at exorbitant rates. Even when the helpless customer is ready to pay the very high rates for the spare parts he is treated with indifference and disdain through after sales service agents.

I shall never ever purchase a Samsung Product and shall advice everyone against owning a Samsung Product.

Milind Chaturvedi
Mobile – 9324781410

Faulty SAMSUNG Refrigerator and Non Existent After Sales Service
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