Flipkart selling a phone (ASUS Zenfone 2) with technical issue

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I am a regular customer of flipkart and keep buying stuffs from them online.
I never found any kind of hassle in buying products in terms of quality and replacement.
But this time, its been a big problem for me. As I have purchased one ASUS Zenfone 2 from flipkart around 10 days back. I have started getting some technical issue with the phone’s SIM1 slot as I dont get incoming calls which has made my life very inconvenient as I am working as IT Professional and I have to attend so many calls, everytime when a person tries to reach me, it says that my mobile is either switched off or out of coverage area. And i dont have any option with this phone to use the SIM2 slot for data support as it is the feature of the phone.

I have made a request from the Flipkart for the replacement of the product. They were not agreeing on that but somehow they got agreed and replaced the phone yesterday and gave me a new handset.
But now I am getting the same issue with this new handset. I tried calling the Flipkart customer care and made them understand the problem but they are saying that they will only be replacing it with other ASUS Zenfone 2.

I am in need of a good handset which will fulfill my purpose. I requested the Flipkart customer care to give me a new phone, a different one not the ASUS Zenfone 2, for which I am ready to pay the extra amount which will be the cost of that handset.
But they are not agreeing on this.
How many times I will be raising requests for the replacement of phone !! Do you really find it convenient to torture the customers like this ?

I have my work to do and I cant run behind them chasing for everything.

Sir, I would like to raise a complain against Flipkart for selling out damaged and soiled product and even not accepting the fault and not cooperating with the customer.

Replacement (Return ID: 22870369)
Order no: OD203145238927773700

Flipkart selling a phone (ASUS Zenfone 2) with technical issue
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