for improving working condition in Armed Force of India

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CFN Shivraj

633 EME BN

C/O 56 APO

PIN: 903633


Shri Narender modi
Prime ministers of India

Subject : Very Important Suggestion by a soldier(Craftsman) to Hon’ble Prime minister of India , for improving working condition in Armed Force of India

1. Promotion and encouragement of VRS Please promote and encourage Voluntarily Retirement Scheme to keep Indian Army young energetic and medically fit for all operations. Long service scheme will give burden of more medically unfit manpower in Indian Army.

2. Stop the misuse of Man Power After 09 Years of service I can inform you very profoundly that 40% of man power in Army is deployed for all work of senior officer. Each officer of Indian Army has at least kept 3 Jawan for their all work. There are near about 4000 officer mess in Indian Army in each officer mess at least 10 trained soldiers are deployed to help the senior officer to enjoy cozy life. Colonel and above rank officer have deployed 10 – 120 trained soldiers at their residence. There are more than 100 Golf course in Indian Army in each more than 100 trained soldier are deployed. There are 5000 CSD running by various unit of Indian Army (Like vegetable shop, Clothing shop and various others) in at least 03 soldiers are deployed. Even retired Army Officer Colonel and above of Infantry keep 01 trained soldier for rest of life as domestic help. The above effect moral of more educated soldier than before. It is one of the major causes of suicide in Indian Army.

3. Study Leave Please recommend study leave for JCOs & ORs also like Officer. Sir ORs and JCOs need it more than officer because of short span of service. PBORs suffer more complexities in resettlement for rest of life. Due to low payment they cannot accumulate more to use up for rest of life. Provision of study leave will be certainly helpful in betterment of EX-Servicemen life.

for improving working condition in Armed Force of India
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  1. dhiraj sharma

    Respected sh. Narender modi sir
    I would like adivise you about very slow processing mercantile marine departments sir from last 2 days i am going to noida mmd first day they said that you late while timiming is 10:00 12 :00 am i arrived at 1143 am. next day i went there around 10:19. in the begining they said wait outside and then again i went to ask one person they said today one person is on leave who is incharge. but it was already 11;30 my main question is sir is there less staff or there is no other person who can do the work if one person one is on leave. taking in consideration people are coming from different place


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