Fraud at authorized ASUS service center

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I had gone to the ( F1 Info Solutions And Services Pvt Ltd, plot No-26, street No-1, Ground Floor, Padmavathi Plaza, Sindhi Colony, S.p Road, begumpet, secunderabad-500003)above mentioned service centre for Formatting my Laptop as i did not have the CDs. The service provider said that my O.S has got corrupted and they would charge 1500 for solving the same . I submitted my laptop and asked them to proceed . After 12 days when i called them saying that i am coming for the delivery they said that the HARD DISK has got corrupted and they would charge ar0und 7000 for repairing the same .In the 12 days gap they dint even find the necessity of calling me to inform the same.When i went to the service centre without prior intimation, i found that the service guy was using my laptop and he had opened google chrome in that.When he saw me all of a sudden he was completely struck . when i asked him about the same he said he was trying to repair the hard disk, which i hadnt asked him to do. The first thing i asked him was “YOU INFORMED ME ON PHONE THAT THE HARD DISK HAS CORRUPTED AND YOU ARE UNABLE TO START THE LAPPY, THE HOW THE HELL WERE YOU USING GOOGLE CHROME IN THAT?”, then he happened to say that YES IT HAS CORRUPTED AND HE WAS UNABLE TO INSTALL WINDOWS 8.WHEN THE HARD DISK HAS GOT CORRUPTED YOU WOULDNT BE ABLE TO INSTALL WINDOWS7. The second thing i asked him was “WHY WERE YOU REPAIRING THE HARD DISK WHEN I ASKED YOU NOT TO REPAIR IT??” . I clearly told him to put the laptop aside …When i lost my temper at him, he said SORRY and said its his mistake and said he will repair it in next 2 days . I GOT THE LAPTOP BACK AND MY FRIEND WAS ABLE TO FORMAT IT WITHOUT ANY PROBLEM AND HE HAS INSTALLED WINDOWS 8.1 IN IT. WE PEOPLE COMPLETELY TRUST ASUS AND WHICH IS WHY WE VISIT THE AUTHORIZED SERVICE CENTER . WE DONT EXPECT SUCH THINGS FROM AUTHORIZED SERVICE CENTERS ATLEAST . I WANT YOU TO RESPOND TO THIS MAIL AS SOON AS POSSIBLE . I HAVE GOT THE PROOFS TO PROVE WHAT ALL HAPPEND THERE AND I AM PLANNING TO LODGE A COMPLAINT IN THE CONSUMER COURT . My mobile num is 9985026010 . please contact me for details.

Fraud at authorized ASUS service center
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