Fraud By Arul Parkash

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1. Arul Parkash Tel # 8123465599 of Aspverve Wellness tel # 1800 3000 6797 provided quotation.
2. $10.000 ( ten Thousand) were transferred to their account in good faith.
3. Arul Parkash never shipped my order after receipt of full payment almost 10 months before.
4. I followed up but no use.
5. I did internet search and found out that he has cheated lot of other people also by not delivering the products.
6. I ask everyone who is cheated by Arul Parkash to join hand with me and let us fight him together.
7. He has done an international fraud because the invoice he provided has fake address and there is no factory at that address.
8. I understood he has cheated lot of people so it is time to file an FIR against him in India.
9. I request to the concerned department for an immediate investigation.
10. I welcome everyone to come and join hands with me to fight this bad element in the society

Krishan Kohli

Fraud By Arul Parkash
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