Fraud by Mr. Arul Prakash

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I am Ankur Yadav from Rewari Haryana.

I have Pay 67500Rs. on 3rd December for purchasing CeraGem V3 Bad from Aspverve Wellness Bangalore. delivery time is 20 Days. Payment Terms is 50 % advance & 50% after Installation. But up to now I have not received Product. also all phone no. are off. I read the Local News Paper. In December this person are custody in Pulkesi Nagar Police
against fraud case (Bangalore)
I have approx. 20 Person Phone No. Arul Prakash Fraud done by these all people .

Fraud by Mr. Arul Prakash
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  1. arul

    Hello Mr. Ankur sir.
    What do you mean: Returns bed when that’s in your area and making me cheater. If you 20 peoples good. Then I too have. May be you forgotten our communications. Lets see. Untill you and your people pay balance to I will not delivery beds. I had enough with returns.
    Good luck


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