Fraud by Reliance Communication Services

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Relaince Wifi Pod Broadband Services
No. 9321507452
Plan : 6 months advance rental plan with High Speed Data (HSD) upto 20 GB and unlimited later with slower speed.

Since Day 1 of buying this device and plan Reliance is making me suffer like anything.

1. For first 2 weeks the team did not enable the advance rental plan due to internal issues and the bill was generated as

regular plan. I had to get the same resolved.

2. Another month spent but the HSD could not be enabled and I had to make multiple visits and calls to get the same


3. For 3 weeks only I got HSD services and faced another monthly bill. The team started calling me and harassing me at

office, home for payment of bill. I tried to make them understand for advance rental but din’t help. Again I had to go

Reliance Store and make thousands of calls.

4. This is 3 month now and the HSD is not enabled. As per Customer Care Services Reliance is upgrading so services will

not be enabled.

Now out of total 6 months advance rental plan, 3 months are already about to finish with no services. My daily business

for which I took Reliance Service is also getting impacted severly. There is no ECD from Reliance for the issue.

As a customer I am Financially, Mentally and Physically Harrassed by Reliance Communication. I feel pathetic being

consumer of Reliance Communication Services.

I suggest all my friends out there to beware of Reliance Services.

Manish Taneja

Fraud by Reliance Communication Services
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