Fraud by Reliance

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We have taken reliance broadband connetion in on 8th of october 2015 paying rs.2550 which includes 1 month security deposit and 1 month rent. By 28th of october 2015 our connection stopped working. We repeatedly went on filing complaint for this but no action were taken , they kept on saying that there is some major issues with our server so we cant provide connection. On 22nd november 2015we opted for connection termination. We were told that the connection will be terminated within 9 days. However connection got terminated on 5th January 2016 when we asked reason for this they said that they were waiting for our confirmation and they called us however in reality we didnt received any call for confirmation . Yes we did received some missed calls so that, they can have proof that they tried calling us and we didn’t responded (A cheap way of doing fraud). They didn’t gave our security deposit back and now they are saying that we have to pay rs.2500 above the money we already paid. That means we have to pay total of amount 5000 bucks (approx.) For 20 days of pathetic service they provide.
Even in this 20 days we never experienced seamless service
For approx 3-4 hrs a day we didn’t experience connectivity
And yes the pan that we chose was 4MBPS unlimited plan though we never experienced speed of even 1MBPS
Now they are threatening us that if we dont pay this money they will drag us to the court.
We don’t know wat to do?
All the complaint that we filled with customer care was on call and we don’t have any written copy of it that we can present in consumer court
However I do make sure that each and every person I know should not go for reliance and experience similar fraud

Fraud by Reliance
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