Fraud by SOTC Pune

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Schenghen visa of 4 of my family members (Mr,Mrs Lunawat and Mr, Mrs Bhurat) was rejected by Italian embassy on 27th April 2016 due to carelessness on the part of Bafna travel and SOTC. The reason provided by embassy was that the information submiited regarding the justification for the purpose and conditions of intended stay was not relaible. This information is only provided by the travel company to embassyand my family members have been held for rejection . We belive that SOTC has neither provided proper documents for visa nor pursued our case with interest to get the trip completed. They were only interested in advance amount and created a fraud by forfeiting INR 40000 without delivering their services. Further after visa rejection they took our passport for 15 days and did not provide us any visa in spite of commitment to get our trip done. We deserve entire refund for all 4 travelers because of headache SOTC created for us.

Fraud by SOTC Pune
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