Fraud company, fraud contest and fraud employees

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Dear Sir,
It is please to inform you that there is an online shopping fraud going in Delhi named as Shopit4me Marketing Pvt.Ltd.
They Organized a BMW Car Contest and make transaction part wise the total amount Rs. 3 Lac 34 me and do not give the prize and right now they do not refund the amount. Only 50000/- Refund 18/08/2014 Time 4.00 P.M
2. Date of Incident: 28.03.2014 to 20.07.2014
3. Time of incident: Several Times.
4. Complaint Description: I have Received a call from Shopit4me No. was 011-48289350,011-48289450,011-48289350 and 011-46459350. The executive name was Mr. Robin. He told me about his contest and tries to convince me for participating in contest. The Participating charge was Rs. 9998 and regarding this transaction the company will give a holiday voucher as per his commitment. But I regret her offer but he continuously call to me for the same that’s why I have made the transaction via Crdit card dated 28.03.2014 at 3:45 PM. After 05 Days I have received the voucher. After some days once again he call me back and your Point 85 Shopping 50000/- 03/04/2014 30000/- NEFT and 04/04/2014 TRANSFER 19999/- products against this transaction like Natural Diamond 6 Pcs worth Rs.60,000, 2 Nos Men’s Shoes, Lady night wear, Inalsa Mr. Robin tell me kindly send me your documents (e.g. – voter ID card, Pan Card etc.) for verification for the contest. Same day I have sent all relevant documents to the company mail id after some time he call me again and tell me kindly make the transaction Rs.75000/- 20/04/2014 50000/- NEFT and 25000/- 21/04/2014 NEFT for verification charge for the second position holder and the second position prize was Ninja bike. Again I regret the offer then he connected me senior person products against this transaction like Natural Diamond 10 Pcs worth Rs.1.00,000, 2 Nos Men’s Shoes, Lady night wear, Inalsa Mr. Nitin he told me this transaction is necessary to verify the documents and we will give you some 23/04/2014 75000/- products against this transaction like Natural Diamond 10 Pcs worth Rs.1.00,000, 2 Nos Men’s Shoes, Lady night wear, Inalsa Plant but I asked him if I am not winning this contest then what to do with your product because it is not my useful things to me then he told me after making this transaction a verification team go to your address then you can revert back to them and they will give you cash in hand on behalf of Diamond and remaining item you can have with you so there will be no loss from your end hence I agreed and make After some days Mr. Robin call me with same no. and tell me that the company has promoted to you for first position because our first positioned member revert back his name from the contest due to some family tragedy so the company promoted you for first position and offer me if you hold the position then you win BMW Car and it is assured that you will win the contest but for avail this offer you position and in case you will not win this contest then your whole amount will be refunded and if you will not done this then I cannot help you for refund your previous amount hence I compel to make this transaction but I told him I am not able to transact this big amount give me some more days to arranged for the same. for resolve this issue. I have also call to company customer care no 011-43333334 and tell about the matter but I have not got any resolution from them. Next day Mr.Robin call me and tell me that the product had gone to you wrong but do not worry you have this product and I will provide you committed product at the time of contest organized without any charge.
Next Day he call me again and tell me that he has register me on his second contest for Nano car contest but there are some issue for organized the contest because both contest will organized different venue and the company can not bear this heavy expanse so pl it is my request to you if you hold the no one position in this contest then it will organized at your home town hence the company save 70 lakhs if you will do this then company give you a offer Rs. 1 lakhs gift without any charge and he will offer me a apple I Pad 3 and some other cash prizes.. But I regret his offer after some time he requested me for the same then I have made the transaction Rs 11298 dated 26.05.2014 at 3:30 PM. After 7 days I received the product in damage condition hence I have sent him mail his mail ID with this issue. Next day I have received a call from his sales department Ms. Neha he told me Pl send us the product for replacement at the Venue of (Shopit4me shopping Pvt.Ltd. 161 sarai Jullena delhi). Then I have sent the all the product to his given address via DTDC courier and the consignment No. sent them via Mail.
Date was 08.07.2014 TRANSFER Date 23998/- 10/07/2014 TRANSFER 19,999/- TRANSFER 14/07/2014 64,996/- 15/07/2014 14,994/- and all of sudden I am not win this contest then I have sent a mail address to Mr. Robin and told him Kindly cancel my candidature for your all contest and my all amount refunded as soon as possible. I have also call company customer care to contact with Mr. Robin and Mr. Nitin but they do not give me response. After 15 days he call me and told me sorry I have a tragedy so I can not help you but you do not worried I will give you assurance this is not happen again and your BMW Contest file transfer to another person because you do not submitted the security and believe me it will sure you win the BMW contest so pl give me a chance for further assistance. So I have given him a chance and same day I have made the transaction at his company portal dated 19 July 2014 at 10:25 AM. Because he told me the result declared 20 july 2014 for TRANSFER 40,000/- the BMW contest. He also told me after making this transaction he will send the confirmation mail to me for the contest winning and send me entry voucher to avail the venue.
Next day I have received a call from customer care he told me Mr. Abhinav is busy so he contact you tomorrow and a call received from updating department Mr. Abhinav he told me kindly tell me all detail about your transaction then I will send confirmation mail. Next day I have received a call from verification department he tell me about his product against my transaction then I have told him ths money only for security then why are you send me product therefore I have told her pl cancel this order. After some time Mr.Abhinav Call me again and tell me pl make this verification this product is a gift for you on behalf of your transaction. Then I repeat my question for refund then he told me Mr Robin assured you for refund then do not worried he will do the needful hence I have done the verification and Mr. Abhinav told me that after the verification done within 5 min you have received the confirmation mail.
Till date I have sent them lot of mails and make call for the confirmation mail but I have not got any response and BMW Car Contest result declared and winner was another person.
That was the cheating from on behalf of contest.
It is my heartiest request to you kindly takes appropriate action against them and refunded my whole amount. If you need any documents and voice recorded file then contact me for your reference. The above mentioned no may vary time to time for the call but use these no for the call.
Thanks & Regards
Suresh Sharma

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1. Name : Suresh Sharma

2. Mobile No.: 09829168009
3. Email address: ,
4. Permanent Address: 1-B-67, Shiv Shakti Colony Shastri Nagar, Jaipur 302016 (Rajasthan)

Fraud company, fraud contest and fraud employees
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