Fraud done by SBI Bank

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My father have saving account at SBI Bank pahadia branch in Varanasi.On 28 august my Father had deposit Rs. 90000 and he receive msg through sms alert but thereafter on 28.08.15 to 29.08.15 his account balance got nil. The shocking thing is that he didn’t receive any sms regarding debits. At last We receive sms of insufficient fund.Matter is that why we did not get any debit msg alert from bank side.if we have got that msg we would not loose that much amount from our account. and now when we want to get the knowledge of debit detail,bank employees are not able to get it and even they are not supporting us.My father is retired person and we are from lower middle class ,loosing this amount would be big economical loss for us ,it will affect our life in very bad manner. Even we are not getting any positive response from police also .Whatever things happened to us ,it shows our money is not safe in bank also.Requesting you to take this case seriously and help us to get justice.Hoping to get positive and quick response from your side.


Fraud done by SBI Bank
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