Fraud from SBI ATM.

Complaint Date:

Dear Sir,
This was a case of Haridwar ATM fraud on 5/11/2015.
On 5/11/2015 my brother and father went to SBI ATM to inquire the balance in my a/c which they have deposited on same date as a fees of my course amounting rs. 32000. But as per CCTV footage of bank ATM, we came to know that 2 persons had done something unnecessary changes in ATM and had withdrawn the total amount Rs. 32000. from my a/c. Though only my brother had inquire the balance in ATM but the machine was hanged because of changes made by that 2 fraud persons.
We have made the F.I,R in Police Station. And still the SBI (STATE BANK OF INDIA ) is not taking any action against this case.
So it’s my heartiest request from you to help us in this matter.

Amit Singh Chaudhary
Mob. No: 8267826127

Fraud from SBI ATM.
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