fraud job opportuinity

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I had received a call on the name of saying that my profile was selected from monster for Axis Bank Ltd. for the post of financial analyst. I was told to send the scanned documents of my results along with a security deposit of 2450 to an account of SBI in the name of Prem Singh for a Telephonic Interview. Later on after two days I was informed by them that I had been selected and i was sent a mail with my joining date and salary and then I was told to pay an amount of 8500 for the document verification and security about the confirmation of my acceptance. After that I started gathering information from sources and even called a known person in the Axis Bank and also the customer care services of It was clear of being a fake organisation in the name of . Monster customer care told me that if at all any amount needs to be paid then a secure link is sent via e-mail in the name of the company and not through any persons account.
Somehow I was careless in noticing that the mails were from free mail ids (gmail)and not from corporate ones.

The details of the mails and the people who contacted are as follows :,
Rahul Sharma – 9250467204,


fraud job opportuinity
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